Rabu, 08 Juli 2009


MODIFIKASI YAMAHA MIO STREETFIGHTER 2009 picture yamaha mio modified

Body design yamaha mio is also combined with two tastes. Front of the obese tend to form dense and wide typical hot rod. This style combined with the tiny body back taper typical streetfighter.

The style of the street yamaha mio other in the framework of the Tubular front deck in the middle. "There is no function of the material, just some visual accents let alone nuance streetfighter feel more and more dynamicMODIFIKASI YAMAHA MIO STREETFIGHTER 2009

As a candidate fiber, it utilizes a glass fiber material as the material body of yamaha mio . Mal matter, so neat sizable proportion still look slick when see . Which also have enough support on the selection screen. Finishing with neat, paint racikan Lessonal Plus Polired looks add beauty
MODIFIKASI YAMAHA MIO STREETFIGHTER 2009blue color of yamaha mio modif
MODIFIKASI YAMAHA MIO STREETFIGHTER 2009red color modification yamaha mio

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